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Indonesian cuisine is diverse, encompassing influences from more than 6,000 islands in this archipelago. It includes curried meat, barbequed skewers, deep-fried fish, succulent Bakso meatballs, hearty soup and even spring rolls with an Indonesian twist. Traditional Sumatran cuisine is a mixed pot of cultures; Balinese food is influenced by Hinduism, while authentic Javanese remains indigenous. Steamed rice is the common staple, traditionally accompanied by vegetables, soup and meat to provide flavour and nutrition. As exotic and intricate as Indonesian food sounds, it is quite easy to make once you’ve got the right tips. Asian Inspirations will help you get there with the best and most authentic Indonesian recipes.
Pepes Ikan (Indonesian Grilled Fish in Banana Leaves)

Pepes Ikan (Indonesian Grilled Fish in Banana Leaves)

Banana leaves is known for its fragrant aroma that is perfect for grilling as they retain natural flavours while imparting their own subtle aroma. Pepes is an Indonesian style cooking technique that uses banana leaves to wrap various ingredients which is then steamed or grilled on charcoal. This technique help locks in the original aroma and taste which helps the spices to be absorbed better.

Serundeng (Spiced Coconut with Peanuts)

Serundeng (Spiced Coconut with Peanuts)

Serundeng is an authentic Indonesian side dish or garnish which is used to accompany many rice dishes. Known for its crispiness and fragrance, be sure to try this tasty Indonesian favourite!

Ongol-Ongol	(Sweet Sago Rolls with Palm Sugar Syrup)

Ongol-Ongol (Sweet Sago Rolls with Palm Sugar Syrup)

An extremely popular, yet inexpensive dessert found in the streets of Indonesia; where sago flour, palm sugar and coconut is used to create a sweet treat. Ongol-Ongol is often served with black coffee or black tea due to its sweetness.

Bubur Sumsum (Indonesian Rice Pudding)

Bubur Sumsum (Indonesian Rice Pudding)

This traditional dessert made by cooking rice flour in coconut milk has a unique taste of saltiness from the grated coconut and is complimented by the sweetness of the palm sugar syrup. Bubur sumsum is the ultimate comfort food for Indonesians – if you’re not feeling great, have a bowl of bubur sumsum and all will be well!

Kue Nagasari (Steamed Banana Cakes)

Kue Nagasari (Steamed Banana Cakes)

As bananas are widely available throughout Indonesia, it is no wonder they are used in many desserts and cakes. The kue nagasari is so popular across the archipelago if you ever forget its name, just ask for ‘kue pisang’ (banana cake) and you’ll never get it wrong.

Dadar Gulung (Indonesian Pandan Crepe with Sweet Coconut Filling)

Dadar Gulung (Indonesian Pandan Crepe with Sweet Coconut Fil ...

Dadar Gulung, also known as pandan crepe with sweet coconut filling (also known as unti), is a popular Indonesian snack food which is at any time of the day as a light snack, breakfast, or tea.

Indonesian Mashed Banana Fritters

Indonesian Mashed Banana Fritters

Delicious deep fried banana fritters made from a mixture of mashed bananas, mixed with flour, sugar and coconut cream.

Wajik (Glutinous Rice Cakes with Palm Sugar)

Wajik (Glutinous Rice Cakes with Palm Sugar)

This iconic diamond-shaped kue is a traditional Indonesian snack made of steamed glutinous rice and cooked in palm sugar, coconut milk and pandan leaves. Variations of the dish can include diced jackfruit or raisins added in when the rice is partially cooked.

Classic Gado Gado (Tofu and Vegetable Salad with Peanut Dressing)

Classic Gado Gado (Tofu and Vegetable Salad with Peanut Dres ...

Made from a medley of vegetables, tofu, eggs, prawn crackers, and topped in thick peanut sauce, “Gado Gado” delivers all the right sensations, crunchy, sweet, savoury, and tangy. This recipe delivers a dish that lives up to its Indonesian name, which is literally translated into “mix-mix”.

Kue Pancong (Coconut Cake)

Kue Pancong (Coconut Cake)

A specialty from Betawi (Jakarta), the Kue Pancong is loved by the locals and is sold cheaply on the streets of Indonesia. Its main ingredients are grated coconut and fice flour, and is eaten all day round as a snack.

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