War on Food Waste in Australia

Food wastage in Australia

Climate change and the decline of the environment is a growing concern that is a major topic of discussion amongst the global community. Along with industrial activities such as fossil fuel burning, land clearing and agriculture, lack of food sustainability and food wastage have played a significant role in contributing to greenhouse gas emission. Food waste impacts the environment due to agriculture and the increased use of water, land, energy and various resources used to mass-produce and distribute.

In collaboration with the Victorian government ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ and Chefs such as Lillie Giang from ‘The Food Affectionist, Asian Inspirations is committed to protecting the environment and reducing food wastage in Australia by spreading awareness, educating and providing innovative Asian recipe approaches to conserve food.

Food Waste

Asian culture – history in ‘non-waste’ mindset and cultural practices

Whilst food waste and care to the environment has recently captured the attention and concern of many globally, for centuries the concept of “not wasting” has been a key cultural value across Asia. For instance in Japan “Mottainai” means to express regret or distaste in resources wasted. Similarly across Korea and China cultural values in minimizing waste has impacted current waste disposal methods. In Korea, food waste must be disposed separate to general waste allowing for more effective food disposal. Utilising all ingredients in one pot recipes and all in one sauce such as oyster sauce and soy sauce is common across China. Incorporating a wide range of ingredients is an effective method in minimizing food waste.

Practical and easy Asian inspired recipes to minimize food wastage in your everyday

Having a good understanding of the various applications and recipes from common ingredients in the kitchen can aid us in fighting food waste. An absolute to any Asian kitchen is rice. Combining cultural values and staples such as rice, Asian Inspiration in collaboration with Chef Lillie Giang from ‘The Food Affectionist” brings recipe ideas inspired by minimising food waste.

As the condition of the globe declines it is important that everyone plays a part in improving our environment. Asian Inspirations is committed in fighting the war with food waste in Australia. With innovative Asian inspired recipe ideas and information regarding food sustainability in Victoria, head to www.asianinspirations.com.au for more.

For more rice inspired recipes check out some of these:
Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls)
Oriental Fried Rice
Ochasuke (Japanese Green Tea Rice)
Chicken Congee
Sesame Rice Cakes

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