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Healthy Easy and Delicious: Three Reasons to Try Korean Japchae

If you haven’t tried Korean japchae, then you don’t know what you’re missing! This authentic stir-fry uses nutritious sweet potato noodles and virtuous vegetables for a meal that’s healthy, easy and delicious.


Made from sweet potato starch, Korean daneg myeon noodles are naturally fat free and low in calories, making them a healthy choice for noodle lovers. These chewy glass noodles are also gluten free, so they’re kind to those with allergies (just be sure to use gluten-free tamari in place of the soy when making this japchae recipe). But that’s not were the health benefits of japchae end: you’ll get your protein hit from lean beef and eggs, and vitamins and minerals courtesy of the array of colourful vegetables, including spinach, carrot and shiitake mushrooms. If you’d like to make a vegetarian version, simply swap the scotch fillet for extra mushrooms.

Must-Eat in Korea: Japchae (Stir-fried Glass Noodles)


It’s no wonder japchae is one of Korea’s most popular dishes. This delicious stir-fry balances the sweet flavour of the noodles with the umami hit of soy sauce and the nutty nuances of sesame oil. And with the slippery noodles, chewy mushrooms and crunchy vegetables, japchae is a textural treat the whole family will love.


Once you’ve prepped your ingredients, this simple stir-fry takes just 15 minutes to make. You can even prepare the sweet potato noodles in advance, quickly stir-frying them in the oil soy and sugar mix, then setting them aside until you’re ready to toss with the remaining ingredients. Japchae is ideal as a speedy midweek meal, but it also makes the perfect portable lunch for school and work, as it can be enjoyed hot or cold. Plus, as our recipe makes enough for 5-8 serves, you can have japchae for days!

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