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The Secret to Korean Food and Wine Matching

If you’re cooking Korean recipes at home or heading out to your favourite Korean restaurant, check out our handy guide to matching Korean food with Australian wines.

Pa Jeon (Seafood and spring onion pancake)

This fried seafood pancake works a treat with sparkling wine or prosecco, as the citrus notes and light, fine bubbles cut through the fat and complement the seafood.

Wine to try: Nepenthe Altitude Prestige Cuvee, $20

Hailing from the South Australia, this new-release sparkling wine from Nepenthe is fresh and lively, with delicate citrus flavours and a clean finish.

Pa Jeon (Seafood and spring onion pancake)

Dakkochi Gui (chicken skewers)

The sweet and spicy marinade on these tasty chicken skewers cries out for a white wine with a hint of residual sugar. Off-dry Riesling (Riesling with a hint of sweetness) is a great option for Asian dishes with chilli heat.

Wine to try: 2015 Ferngrove Frankland River Limited Release Off Dry Riesling, $20

Flavours of citrus and lime are balanced by fruit sweetness, the perfect foil for this spicy chicken dish.

Dakkochi Gui (chicken skewers)

Daeji Bulgogi Korean Chilli Pork

It takes a brave wine to stand up to Korean chilli pork – and no one would blame you for reaching for an ice-cold beer. But if you do want a vino, then it has to have sugar and aromatics on its side.

The off-dry riesling above could fit the bill, but if you’d like to be more adventurous, opt for a gewürztraminer.

Wine to try: 2014 Delatite Dead Mans Hill Gewurztraminer, $25

Perfumed with florals, lychee and Turkish delight, gewürztraminer smells so good you may wish you could spritz it on yourself! But, resist the urge and instead let it weave its magic on this hotter-than-hot pork dish.

Daeji Bulgogi Korean Chilli Pork

Pan-fried mandu

These Korean dumplings are flavoursome little morsels, packed with pork, ginger, green onion, and sesame. Choose a juicy wine with a hint of fruit sweetness, such as a Grenache-based rosé or chilled gamay.

Wine to try: 2015 Wirra Wirra Mrs Wigley Grenache Rosé, $20

Bright with raspberries and strawberries on the nose, this McLaren Vale rosé starts sweet on the palate, but is crisp and refreshing on the palate.

Pan fried mandu

Beef bulgogi

Grilled, charry meats scream out for a fruit-forward red wine with balanced tannins and light oak treatment. Look to Barossa Valley grenache or Spanish-style tempranillo for your next Korean beef  barbecue.

Wine to try: 2013 Turkey Flat Grenache, $29

Sourced from 98-year-old vines in the Barossa Valley, this Mediterranean-style red has a rich body of dark fruit and spice. Chill it slightly during summer months.

Beef bulgogi

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