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Thai Fish Cake with Sauvignon Blanc 2013

When it comes to food and wine pairings, balancing the flavours of the dish with the perfect wine is very important. There is no better combination than Thai Fish Cake with Sauvignon Blanc 2013. The perfect snack appetiser and drink for every occasion.

Sauvignon Blanc, also known as Fume Blanc, is a white wine best known for its grassy, herbal flavours. This sweet, tropical fruity drink that envelops the palate is a popular choice for fish and shell-fish dishes. The bright lines of gooseberry and cut grass are tasted at the start which is then ended with a clean citrus finish, blending well with Thai fish cakes.

Hot, crispy-fried Thai fish cakes are not only great as a snack, but can also be served as an everyday dinner dish together with rice-based meal or over salad. They are also very good as a party finger food, as they are easy to make and quiet small in size. It tastes best when served with Thai sweet chilli sauce for dipping and a glass of Henley Hill Sauvignon Blanc 2013. Cucumber relish and Sirracha can be served as alternate dips as well.

Thai Fish Cake with Blanc 2013



Thai Fish Cake


2 kg Red fish fillet remove any bones and cut into small pieces

120g Valcom Red Curry Paste

2 tbsp Squid Fish Sauce

1 Egg

2 tsp Sugar

1/2 cup Snake Beans, thinly sliced

2 tbsp Valcom Kaffir Lime Leaves

3-4 tbsp Lingham CHilli Sauce to Serve



Step 1: Blend fish in food processor at low speed until smooth and sticky.

Step 2: Add red curry paste and fish sauce, blend at low speed until well-mixed.

Step 3: Add egg and sugar, continue mixing until very sticky.

Step 4: Add snake band and kaffir lime leaves. Mix well.

Step 5: Form the mixture into golf ball-sized pieces then flatten slightly. Shallow fry in hot oil until golden-brown on both sides.

Step 6: Serve with sweet chilli sauce on side as an entree.


Thai Fish Cake: Henley Hill Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Henley Hill winemakers Travis Bush and Rob Dolan have harnessed the unique flavours of pristine Yarra Valley fruit into the glass with this smoothly textured Sauvignon Blanc. Medium lemon in colour, it has savoury, slightly over ripe citrus aromas. Smoothly-textured, with hints of meaty yeastiness adds an appeal and a fantastic feel.

Fish cakes are traditionally made in Thailand with a type of ocean fish known as featherback fish, but any firm white-fleshed fish, such as cod, can be used as a substitute. Fish cakes are also traditionally pounded by hand. Thought a food processor speeds up the task, the texture varies.

Although these might sound complicated, it is as simple as placing the fish in a food processor and blitz for 3 seconds (until smooth). Now add the fish sauce, egg, coriander, curry paste, chilli, garlic, ginger and grated lime zest and juice and mix until they combine to form and blitz again until everything is combined. First form the soft, smooth mixture into balls and then flatten them to make fish cakes. These are ready to be fried or grilled, to keep them slightly healthy. Serve with sweet chilli sauce for a great little lunch or with a side salad for a light main course.


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