There is a world of authentic flavours waiting to be explored with Asian Inspirations. We have the best collection of recipes from the popular fiery Thai curries to the Malaysian street-hawker classics; from traditional Chinese specialties to intricate Japanese delicacies. If you’re in a mood for something healthy, try out our easy-to-make soup and salad recipes. If indulgence is the mood of the day, our lunch and dinner recipes are certain to satisfy you. Choose your key ingredient, level of effort and preparation time, and then take your pick from these tempting recipes. Whether it’s a quiet dinner for two, everyday meals that are easy to prepare and cooking, or a four-course meal preparation for a party, we’ve got the best and most delicious Asian recipes to offer.

Lotus Paste Jelly Mooncake

Lotus Paste Jelly Mooncake

A modern take to the traditional baked mooncakes, this lotus paste jelly mooncake is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. You can make them in attractive colours, yet retain the authentic bits of a mooncake with the lotus paste filling and the pseudo-salted egg yolk center. These jelly mooncakes are fun to make and an absolute a delight to serve.

Bubur Sumsum (Indonesian Rice Pudding)

Bubur Sumsum (Indonesian Rice Pudding)

This traditional dessert made by cooking rice flour in coconut milk has a unique taste of saltiness from the grated coconut and is complimented by the sweetness of the palm sugar syrup. Bubur sumsum is the ultimate comfort food for Indonesians – if you’re not feeling great, have a bowl of bubur sumsum and all will be well!

Tofu Patty with Oroshi Ponzu

Tofu Patty with Oroshi Ponzu

A scrumptious Japanese-style patty topped with a medley of mushrooms and juicy grated daikon, finished with the fragrance and citrus flavours of the ponzu sauce.

Pad Cha Beef (Stir Fried Beef in Fresh Chili,  Baby Rhizome and Young Pepper Corn)

Pad Cha Beef (Stir Fried Beef in Fresh Chili, Baby Rhizome ...

Pad cha is a spicy stir-fry showcasing the unique fragrance of whole fresh green peppercorns. This dish packs a punch in flavour; it’s hot and strong with just enough sauce to coat all the ingredients in the stir-fry.

Moo Sam Chun Tom Khem  (Slow-cooked Pork Belly)

Moo Sam Chun Tom Khem (Slow-cooked Pork Belly)

Tom Khem is a flavoursome dish with caramelised pork belly and can be easily varied with various ingredients to your liking. The tender pork and boiled eggs soak up the flavours of the stew making the dish an absolute joy to eat.

Basic Congee

Basic Congee

Congee or rice porridge is considered by many Chinese people as a classic breakfast dish, and the ultimate comfort food. There are no rules to what ingredients you can add to this basic congee, but there are classic favourites such as the . (link to minced pork with century egg and salted eff congee)

Minced Pork with Century Egg and Salted Egg Congee

Minced Pork with Century Egg and Salted Egg Congee

Delicious, warm and comforting, this dish is a classic combination of minced pork, century egg and salted egg in a bowl of creamy congee - the ultimate comfort food to pick you up when you're feeling under the weather, or when you're craving for a simple, easy-to-digest meal.

Kue Nagasari (Steamed Banana Cakes)

Kue Nagasari (Steamed Banana Cakes)

As bananas are widely available throughout Indonesia, it is no wonder they are used in many desserts and cakes. The kue nagasari is so popular across the archipelago if you ever forget its name, just ask for ‘kue pisang’ (banana cake) and you’ll never get it wrong.

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