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Imagine if a third of all your time, money and effort achieved nothing? This would be totally unacceptable! But this is the harsh reality for our farmers and other food producers. One third of all the food they produce never gets eaten due to food loss and waste. As citizens of this world and foodies, we should all be concerned and do something about it.   Food loss and waste is a serious global issue. The magnitude of food loss and waste remains unacceptably high.


Food gets lost throughout the entire food supply chain, from farm to fork, and in between, during transport, storage and distribution. According to UN Agency, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), if food loss and waste were its own country, it would be the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter-surpassed only by China and the United States.   Should we be worried and how does this affect us? Food loss and waste have negative impacts on our environment because we use up water, land, energy and other resources to produce food that goes to waste. This global wastage is unsustainable and contributes to food insecurity for future generations.   The problem is complex and from our home kitchens, we cannot possibly influence what goes on at the farm or the supermarket. But is this really true? Do we have a voice and can we tell the supermarkets what we want? Can we control what we throw in our bins?   Reducing food loss and waste is gathering increasing global interest and action from governments, research institutions, producers, retailers and consumers. The solutions need to address complex situations involving many actors across the whole food supply chain from production, manufacturing, transportation, food retail, consumption to food recovery. A number of campaigns are being run throughout the world to tackle the issue and find sustainable and workable solutions.   The solution One such initiative is Love Food Hate Waste, a Victorian government campaign delivered by Sustainability Victoria, aiming to raise awareness about avoidable food waste from Victorian households. Its website provides information and useful tips on how we can start our own war on waste.  kitchen leftovers Asian Inspirations is partnering with Love Food Hate Waste to increase awareness of this important issue amongst consumers. For centuries Asian cuisine and culture have placed heavy emphasis on minimizing food wastage. Due to this there are a wide range of recipes that have a central ingredient in mind. The Asian staple ingredient rice, has multiple recipes ranging from fried rice to congee which proves to be a useful strategy in combating food waste.

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