Curry Curiosities

If you’re not really into curry or a bit bored of your standard fare, well it’s time to try something new.

There are all types of different curries from all over Asia, and we’ve tracked down 5 of our favourites to share with you to hopefully get you back in the curry game. As always, if we’ve missed any of your favourites, let us know!

Kaeng Lueang (or kaeng som)

This is a deeply flavorful – and deeply spicy – yellow curry (kaeng lueang just means “yellow curry” while kaeng som means “sour curry”) from Northern Thailand. Often spiced with turmeric, chili, curry paste, and a light dose of coconut milk, this spicy curry might burn a layer off your tongue but you won’t be able to stop eating it. Often served with seafood, which is great because a denser protein might be too much with the spice.

Jungle Curry

Another deeply spicy Thai dish, this curry contains no taste-bud protecting coconut milk, so the spice can hit you like a punch in the face! It’s not as sweet and creamy obviously, but is wonderfully intense flavourful. Delicious with fish or chicken and a cold beer.

Golden Egg Curry

This red Burmese delight is a wonderful way to serve eggs. They’re first boiled, then peeled and fried in medium-hot oil. The smooth white’s blisters firm up into a crunchy golden crust, then the eggs are cut in half and added to a curry – usually a light tomato-based sauce that’s mildly spicy. Serve with rice or bread, a crisp salad, and your favourite beverage.

Kari Ayam

A mild Indonesian/Malay chicken curry that doesn’t carry the same level of fame as it’s Thai and Indian cousins. Creamy and vibrant yellow, chicken curry is something you can throw together on a weeknight or serve to really impress friends at a dinner party, or order in when it’s cold outside.

Poo Curry

No, that’s not a typo. A group of weirdos in Japan decided that poo flavoured curry was a good idea. This curry shop claims to serve you a curry with taste of “human poo”.

Opened by an adult movie actor and director, Mr. Ken Shimizu (aka Shimiken), did “extensive research” to develop curry which tastes exactly like poo.

The ingredients include Swertia tea and bitter melon and to really make it feel authentic, the curry served in a dish in a shape of traditional Japanese toilet.

We suggest giving this Curry Shop Shimizu a wide berth.

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