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Grilled Rice Ball: Yaki Onigiri

Aromatic and crispy, this dish might be one of Japan’s most delicious. Yaki Onigiri are grilled rice balls that are a speciality of Japanese chefs, who have given Japanese cuisine so much over the last few decades.

It’s a simple enough dish to try out at home. Just make sure you have our recipe around.

Grilled Rice Ball - Yaki Onigiri

Image Courtesy: Janine used under the Creative Commons Licence


1. 150 g cooked rice
2. Umeboshi (pickled Japanese apricot)
3. Tuna mayonnaise
4. Salted salmon
5. Soy sauce
6. 1 tsp mirin (sweet cooking alcohol)
7. Nori (dried seaweed sheets)


1. Spread the rice in one palm, and make a small hollow. Place the filling in it.
2. Shape the rice into a flat triangle, enclosing the filling within the rice.
3. Mix the soy sauce with mirin and spread evenly onto the surface of the rice ball.
4. Cook both sides of the rice ball, on a non-stick frying pan over medium heat, until brown.
5. Wrap with nori. Your grilled rice ball: Yaki Onigiri is ready to be served with some pickled ginger.

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