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Miso soup. You’ve had it, it’s delicious. But there are myriad ways to use the nutritious salty goodness that is miso besides the soup it lends its name to. And when you consider it lasts up to a year in the fridge, you’ve got no excuse to throw it out. So to help you make the most of it, we’ve compiled some of our favourites for you to try out!

Better your fish

Got some salmon and don’t know what to do with it? Mix some miso, sugar and dashi and spread over the salmon before cooking, and watch the miso turn into a delicious glaze.


Delicious veggies

Mix some white miso with lemon, sugar and butter and pour over your veggies before you bake or grill them. You’ll have delicious, salty-sweet and succulent veggies that will please the whole family.

Hangover Helper

If you had a big night, or are simply feeling a little under the weather, stir in a teaspoon of miso into a broth – or water – and sip away slowly. You’ll feel better in no time! Or eventually.

Marvellous mayo

Mix ¼ cup of Kewpie mayo, ½ teaspoon of miso paste and a teaspoon of lemon juice and whisk together for a delicious dipping sauce.

Marinate your meat

Add a dob of white miso to your favourite meat marinade, or simply mix with some sugar and lemon juice and spread over your favourite cut. Barbecue to perfection and you’ll have a succulent snack people will keep coming back for.

Buttery perfection

Mix some sweet miso with a knob of butter and some soy sauce and spread over corn, fish or whatever you like really. Grill till tender and eat hot.

As you can see, miso is a delicious addition to a heap of dishes! It’s an excellent substitute for salt, and a great way to give your dish an extra flavour kick. As always, the best way to use it in the kitchen is to experiment!

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