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Songpyeon (Korean Rice Cakes)

Songpyeon (Korean Rice Cakes)

Chuseok being a harvest festival at heart, special delicacies are made to celebrate the occasion. Where the Chinese have their mooncakes, the Koreans have the songpyeon. Made from rice flour, this traditional rice cake is kneaded into balls and then filled with sesame seeds, beans, or chestnuts. There is an old Korean saying that whosoever makes a beautifully-shaped songpyeon they will meet a good spouse or give birth to a beautiful baby.

Saewoo & Saengsun Jeon (Shrimp & Cod Pancakes)

Saewoo & Saengsun Jeon (Shrimp & Cod Pancakes)

Jeon is often used in reference to pancake type dishes in Korean cuisine. This recipe, “flat” portions of prawns and fish coated with flour and egg, then pan-fried to perfection. For a delicious alternative, many Koreans deep fry the prawns.

Tsukimi Dango (Moon-viewing Dumplings)

Tsukimi Dango (Moon-viewing Dumplings)

In Japan, Mid-Autumn Festival is known as Tsukimi, which literally means to ‘moon watch’ .Among the many delicacies made traditionally in celebration of this festival is the Tsukimi dango, or moon-viewing dumplings. These dumplings are thought to bring happiness, good health and as an offering not only for the moon’s beauty, but as an expression of gratitude for the autumn harvest.


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