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Seven Ways To Cook Fish For Good Friday

If you’re abstaining from meat this Friday, take a peek at seven of the best ways to cook fish for Good Friday. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not start by cleaning a whole fish?


To sauté means to fry quickly in a hot, shallow pan with a little fat, such as oil or butter. Though the term may be French, it’s a popular technique across the world, including Asia. In China, fish is often tossed in cornflour first to create a light, golden coating, such as this sautéed fish with celery.

Sauteed Fish Fillet with Celery


Steaming is one of the healthiest cooking methods as it locks in the nutrients and doesn’t require any added fat. It’s the ideal technique for delicate-fleshed fish, such as this coral cod with goji berries steamed in a lotus leaf.

Steamed Coral Cod with Goji on Lotus Leaf


Utilising the high heat of a wok, speedy stir-fries are a fantastic way to cook firm fish fillets, such as ling or flake, and other seafood such as prawns and squid. For a Good Friday lunch in minutes, whip up this stir-fried fish with oyster sauce or stir-fried rice with prawns.

Fish Recipes for Chinese New Year


A quick sear on a chargrill, frypan or hotplate is a top way to cook meatier fish such as tuna, scallops and salmon, which can be served rare in the centre. Depending on the thickness of your fish, sear the fillet for 30-60 seconds each side until lightly coloured but still completely rare in the centre.

Salmon Steak with Wasabi Sauce and Soba Noodles Recipe


It may not be the healthiest way to cook fish, but it’s certainly one of the tastiest. By deep-frying or shallow-frying fish in oil, you’ll get a crunchy, golden coating and moist, juicy flesh. Firm white fish fillets (ling, sea perch, blue grenadier or flake) are the way to go as they won’t fall apart. Why not test your frying skills with this golden fish with pineapple plum sauce or crispy black bean fish?

Fish Recipes for CNY

Soups and curries

If you’re craving a fish soup or curry, then cutlets of firm, rich fish are the way to go – Spanish mackerel is a great choice. The skin ensures the cutlets retain their shape while cooking, while the bones add extra flavour. Try this Malaysian Indian fish curry or tangy Assam fish curry.

Assam Fish Curry Recipe


One of Japan’s most revered ‘cooking techniques’ doesn’t require any cooking at all! The fine art of slicing fish for sashimi is a skill that’s mastered over many years and is the ideal way to showcase the best-quality tuna, salmon and kingfish. Read our tips on slicing sashimi like a pro, then try this authentic recipe for kingfish ochazuke.


For more Easter cooking inspiration, give your Sunday lamb roast an Asian twist, or try seven savoury egg recipes.

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