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It’s a fantastic time of year for hot pot. Nothing warms you up like big bowl of hot broth, and they don’t come much bigger than hot pot. So if you’re feeling the cold chill of winter more than ever, or simply want to get together with some friends and share a delicious meal, we’ve tracked down some of Australia’s premier hot pot spots. As always if we’ve missed any of your favourites, let us know!


Dainty Sichuan
Toorak Road, Lonsdale Street, Cambridge Street,

Walking into the mecca of Melbourne chilli, you are hit by the delicious aroma of spices, almost to the point of making you sneeze. Dainty Sichuan provides a culinary experience through one China’s most flavoursome provinces. It’s a haven for Melburnian chilli lovers as the intense spices are well-balanced and keep their audience captivated with every mouthful. The lava-like Chongqing hot pot is the draw card here, but they have a number of options and all are delicious, and with a number of stores across Melbourne, you won’t have to travel too far!


Shancheng Hotpot King (山城火锅王)
363 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Like all great hot potteries – can we make that a word? – Shancheng offers both spicy and non-spicy broths. The level of spice goes up to 4, but your waiter will be very hesitant to let you go over 2 if it’s your first time. 4 has derailed some very seasoned hot pot eaters, so try at your won risk! The best idea is to get a split ho tpot with spicy and mild, and alternate between the 2.


Go in Hot Pot Train
31-39 Gouger Street Adelaide 5000

Go In Hot Pot Train used to be a sushi restaurant, but rather than a complete refurbishment, the owners made use of what they had. You’ll find a rotating selection from of odd-shaped mushrooms and Chinese greens meandering past you on a slow-moving conveyor belt, as well as meats and spices. Just grab what you’re looking for and dump it in the delicious bubbling broth in front of you. It’s a novel take on hot pot, but also a delicious one!


Kung Fu Kitchen Northbridge
139 Newcastle St, Perth, Western Australia 6000

Like a lot of modern restaurants, Kung Fu Kitchen uses iPads to let you select all the options you want from their extensive menu. Stocked with a bunch of hot pot options – both spicy and mild – it will take you multiple visits just to get through everything, a strategy we roundly endorse!


Little Lamb Hot Pot & BBQ Buffet

Little Lamb Hot Pot & BBQ Restaurant is located amongst a buzzing restaurant strip tucked away in Runcorn, a surburb which forms part of Brisbane’s Asian heart. Little Lamb primarily caters for the Chinese community in so you’re assured an authentic dining experience. This place is always packed full so it’s best to make a booking unless you want to go hungry.

Little Lamb provides you with a Chinese hot pot and BBQ all you can eat buffet (there is a 2 hour limit, but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth).


Red Chilli Sichuan
75 Alinga Street Canberra, Australia 2601

Another place to find a devastatingly tasty Chongqing hot pot, Red Chilli Sichuan has been ranked in Good Food Canberra’s top 20 numerous times. A favourite of the local Chinese population, you’re guaranteed to find a deliciously authentic experience.

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