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We know how open minded Australians are when it comes to indulging in food. They are known to have a strong inclination for Asian cuisine. Healthy Asian foods are aplenty Down Under and this could be a contributing factor to the growing interest in Malaysian food among Australians. Thanks to Australia’s proximity to Malaysia, a lot of Australians travel frequently to this country which has exposed them to the myriad hues of Malaysian culture. Overtime, such exposure has nurtured love for Malaysian food among Australians.

There’s a whole new world waiting to be explored when it comes to Malaysian culture and cuisine. In fact, the diversity of Malaysian population is so vast that the cuisine has a character of its own.

Indonesian Roast Chicken Recipe - Malaysian Kitchen Programme

Nasi Lemak, Malaysia’s favourite dish

In Melbourne, the sight of Australians queuing up in front of restaurants such as PappaRich and Mamak (Mamak culture, is a kind of sub-culture in Malaysia) for Nasi Lemak is not new. This classic Malaysian breakfast dish is as simple as it could get – rice cooked with coconut milk, complemented by fried anchovies and sambal (spicy gravy made of red peppers). The aroma is tropical and the taste is out of the world.

Indonesian Roast Chicken Recipe - Malaysian Kitchen Programme

A delicious Malaysian spread

What is special about Malaysian food?

The uniqueness of Malaysian food is prominent. It is different from the Thai, Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese cuisine and has a distinct subtleness coupled with strong flavours accentuated by herbs and spices.

Malaysian food is a true reflection of the melting pot in the multicultural society of Malaysia. The flavours, ingredients and traditional cooking method used in Malaysian dishes are all fused together to nicely create a mouth-watering experience for all food enthusiasts.

In fact, Malaysian cuisine is best described as “three cultures in a spoonful”. Thanks to the influence of Malaysia’s multi-ethnicity – Malay, Chinese and Indian taking the best of each unique flavour to create a true Asian cuisine.

Indonesian Roast Chicken Recipe - Malaysian Kitchen Programme

Malaysian restaurant in Australia bustling with foodies

Indonesian Roast Chicken Recipe - Malaysian Kitchen Programme

Taste of Malaysia event in Melbourne

MKP Champions the Success of Malaysian Food in Australia

The Malaysian Kitchen Programme (MKP) in Australia has made great strides in creating awareness on Malaysian cuisine and products while also focusing on this cuisine as an exotic, scrumptious and a hot new trend in Australian dining by providing healthy and exciting dishes.

Malaysian Kitchen Programme is aimed at creating opportunities for Malaysian food in the Australian market.

Indonesian Roast Chicken Recipe - Malaysian Kitchen Programme

Hungry and Excited: Visitors at Malaysian Kitchen Programme’s food promotion in Sydney

In order to inspire and introduce new food products into the Australian market, Malaysian Kitchen Programme is collaborating with MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation), the national trade promotion agency of Malaysia, to give Aussies an opportunity to experience healthy and tasty Malaysian food.

The Programme also aims to educate Australian consumers on the rich and diverse Malaysian cuisine and its specialty by helping them to learn quick and easy dishes to try.

To learn more about the nuances of Malaysian cooking, Asian Inspirations provides you with the perfect platform to explore an array of authentic Malaysian recipes, cooking tips and more.

Not just that, you could also participate in many of the cooking demonstrations at supermarkets and other retail outlets organised by the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.

With so much of exposure to Malaysian food and culture, you’re sure to become a pro at making some of the best delicacies this cuisine has to offer.

So sit back and experience the best of Malaysia through the Malaysian Kitchen Programme while you sip into a hot cuppa Teh Tarik in your hand.

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