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Why You Should Make Miso Part of Your Daily Ritual

At Asian Inspirations, we’re big fans of the health benefits of a Japanese diet, but we also understand you may not be able to incorporate these Japanese wellbeing tips into your day-to-day routine. If there’s just one change you can make to your life this week, why not try making miso part of your daily ritual?

Health benefits of miso

Miso paste is made from soy beans, salt and a starter called koji. Other additions can be made, such as rice, barley or other grains. The mixture ferments for at least three months, up to three years, creating a rich, salty-sweet paste that is packed with enzymes, proteins and probiotics.

Start the day with miso soup

For the Japanese, serving a breakfast without miso soup is akin to omitting the coffee! Yes, that’s right, we’re suggesting you ditch the Weetbix in favour of a fortifying Japanese breakfast. Follow the lead of the Japanese by sipping a gently-flavoured bowl of miso soup, served alongside some steamed rice, pickled vegetables and a hard-boiled egg.

The beauty of this breakfast is you can prepare most of the ingredients in advance, then whip up a quick batch of miso on the stove top – it’s as speedy as toasting a slice of bread! The warm soup is gentle on the digestive system, and the tofu and wakame seaweed will help you stay fuller for longer. Try this recipe for miso soup tomorrow morning, or as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up in place of your normal coffee.

6 soup-eating tips

Pimp up your miso soup

In Australia, most of the miso soups we’re served generally contain the miso-dashi soup stock, cubes of tofu, wakame seaweed and perhaps a garnish of spring onion. In Japan, however, each region and season has its own particular variation. Try adding tiny clams, fish or mushrooms for added protein and texture.

Midday miso

Update your midweek lunch by creating a Japanese-inspired salad. We love combining miso-roasted pumpkin with walnuts, rocket and crumbled blue cheese ­– trust us, the sweet-savoury umami elements in the miso and blue cheese work a treat together!

wasabi miso eggplant

Make miso the main event

When it comes to dinner, there’s no end to the ways you can incorporate miso paste. Use it to marinate white fish fillets, such as ling or blue-eye, or try one of these five Japanese recipes using miso paste

miso ramen recipe

For more clean eating advice, discover the health benefits of steaming, or embrace the cleansing qualities of Korean banchan.

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