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Why are River Snails Eaten During Moon Festival?

The Moon Festival has a plethora of specialities and River snails are one of them. River snails are especially popular in the city of Guangzhou. While it may taste similar to the French escargots, it remains to be a Moon Festival favourite as it is considered to be a blessing.

Why are River Snails Eaten During Moon Festival

Image Courtesy: serzhile used under the Creative Commons Licence

River snails are eaten specifically during moon festival as, the Chinese in the olden days believed that it would improve their eyesight.

River snails are often distinguished by their thick meat, thin shell and they are said to be healthy. It is believed that eating them improves the eyesight. They also have a hearty dose of protein, carbohydrates and a little bit of fat in them. Not just these they are also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals such as iron, potassium and phosphorous.

If it is cooked the right way it can be quite a treat. They are often cooked in several herbs and spices as the meat of the snails can have a strong odour. Since this is an indispensable Moon Festival dish the Chinese believe in a saying that the more river snails you eat during the Moon Festival the brighter your eyesight will be.

Here is a River Snail dish that you should try

Stuffed Li River Snails:

This is one of the popular speciality dishes. Delicious as well as fulfilling, this dish is an all time favourite during the Moon festival made. To add to the meat, this dish uses pork and to add to the flavour it uses a hefty amount of spices. Try something new and different by serving it at a party and watch how everyone falls in love with this dish.

stuffed river snails Eaten During Moon Festival

Image Courtesy: Google Royalty Free Image

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