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Why Do People Eat Pomegranates During Chinese New Year

Chinese new year is a time when everything around you is raving in red. It is the time when luck knocks at your door and the good surmounts the evil. Do you know why do people eat Pomegranates during Chinese New Year? Pomegranates are eaten during the Chinese New Year, by a great number of people. These fruits are filled with red seeds which symbolise luck and fortune. Pomegranates in Chinese culture represent fertility, happiness, and are believed to repel evil spirits (since red is generally used to ward off negative energy). They are also very nutritious with an abundance of antioxidants and vitamin C. It is believed that eating Pomegranates will help bear good offsprings and improve fertility. It also symbolises prosperity. Why Do People Eat Pomegranates During Chinese New Year Image Courtesy: chany crystal used under the Creative Commons Licence The seeds of a pomegranate fruit are used in salads. They perk up the colour and sweetness of meats when added to marinades too. They make a mouth-watering garnish as well, especially when paired with slivered carrots, purple cabbage or orange segments. Pomegranates offer more than just incredible taste; they are nutritional and healing powerhouses. Why Do People Eat Pomegranates During Chinese New Year Festival Image Courtesy: Anoop Rao used under the Creative Commons Licence Here are a few claimed health benefits of pomegranates: Anti-aging effects – Pomegranates contain plentiful amounts of antioxidants which absorb free radicals. Kidney protection – Research shows that an extract of pomegranate can prevent kidney damage and protect the kidneys against harmful toxins. Immune Boosting – Pomegranates, the fruit as well as its juice are packed with immune – boosting vitamin C, which is an essential and quickly depleted nutrient. Anti – Allergic – Pomegranates are high in substances called polyphenols which have been shown to reduce the biochemical processes that are linked with allergies. DNA Protection – The antioxidants in pomegranates also appear to interact with the body’s genetic material for protection.

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