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What Your Favourite Curry Says About You

Are you a thrill seeker or a people pleaser? Choose your favourite Asian curry and we’ll describe your personality – have a bit of fun with our curry quiz today.

Japanese beef curry

Japanese Beef Curry

Flavour profile:

Mild, mellow and ready in minutes, with soothing starches and tender cubes of beef.

Personality traits:

Craving an instant hit of comfort, you take clever kitchen shortcuts to produce a tasty meal in no time.


Thai massaman lamb shanks

Lamb Shanks Recipe

Flavour profile:

Rich and rewarding, with slow-cooked lamb, a luscious curry sauce and cubes of golden roast potato.

Personality traits:

You like to impress your guests, and aren’t afraid of spending a few hours in the kitchen to get the best results.


Green curry beef

Green curry beef

Flavour profile:

Brimming with authentic flavour and balanced with fish sauce, sugar and chilli, this dish represents the true taste of Thailand.

Personality traits:

You’re hooked on the classics and know that a quality Thai dinner can be cooked in less time than it takes to order takeaway.


Thai red duck curry


Flavour profile:

A restaurant-style presentation of medium-rare duck breasts in a luscious curry sauce takes this dish to the next level.

Personality traits:

You’re a perfectionist with a keen creative eye. No slapdash dinners for you – you truly understand that we eat first with our eyes.


Yellow curry of Moreton Bay bugs

Yellow Curry of Bugs, Sweet Pumpkin and Tomato Recipe

Flavour profile:

Premium seafood with a homemade curry paste, this elegant dish is balanced by sweet pumpkin, basil, palm sugar and lime leaves.

Personality traits:

You enjoy the finer things in life and are happy to splurge on quality ingredients.


Malaysian fish head curry

Fish Head Curry

Flavour profile:

Robust and rugged, this polarizing Malaysian dish is only for the most courageous eaters.

Personality traits:

You have an adventurous streak and love searching for authentic tastes across the planet.


Thai jungle curry

thai jungle curry

Flavour profile:

Fiery, fierce and full of flavour, this hot Thai curry isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Personality traits:

You’re a culinary thrill seeker who likes to take a walk on the wild side. You like to turn the spice levels up to 11 and take no prisoners in your approach to cooking.

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