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What to Drink with Chinese Food

Chinese food not only has a reputation for being complex, but also absolutely mouth-watering. With its exotic herbs and seasoning of unmatched aroma, Chinese food is full of flavour and herbal goodness. The textures, too, are excitingly unusual.

Such a cuisine deserves the best of drinks to go with the dishes it produces. But with so many sauces around, how do you decide what to drink with Chinese food? We are here to make that decision a little easier.

Here are the top five drinks to enjoy Chinese food with:

Pearl Milk Tea

What to drink with Chinese food

Image Courtesy: alcuin lai used under the Creative Commons Licence

In mainland China, Pearl Milk Tea is one the most popular drinks, especially amongst youngsters. A Taiwan import, this drink includes jelly, or pudding-like bubbles in sweetened tea milk. With a slightly bitter aftertaste, pearl milk tea gets its name from the black bubbles or chewy “pearls” which are usually made of tapioca. This drink is often enjoyed on the streets, with a plate of steamed dumplings.

Cocoa, rock salt and cheese

What to drink with Chinese food

Image Courtesy: Rachel Alcantara used under the Creative Commons Licence

This quirky glass of goodness is a tribute to Chinese culinary creativity. It is China’s version of the soothing, comfort drink – chocolate milk with foam. Some even call it a cheese creamsicle because it blends cocoa and cheese, giving it a smooth texture. It teases the taste buds on a nippy evening when you’re indoors, with a bowl of spicy noodles for company.

Suanmeitang (sour plum drink)

What to drink with Chinese food

Image Courtesy: kattebelletje used under the Creative Commons Licence

If you’re digging into some spicy roast duck Chinese style, you will need a refreshingly cool drink to sip on. All you need is a tall glass of Suanmeitang. Made of sour plums, licorice root, sweet osmanthus, hawthorn and rock salt, this drink is best-known for putting out a flaming tongue.

Yunnan Coffee

What to drink with Chinese food

Image Courtesy: H4 g2 used under the Creative Commons Licence

This little cuppa will entice all coffee connoisseurs. The rich cinnamon flavour, the light roast and the herbal aroma are perfect to enjoy an afternoon with friends. Grab a platter of that authentic Chinese almond jelly and wash it down with a cup of Yunnan Coffee.

Jasmine Tea

What to drink with Chinese food

Image Courtesy: Jim O’Connell used under the Creative Commons Licence

The name says it all. Jasmine tea is one of China’s specialities. It is a tea scented with the aroma of jasmine blossoms. Usually, green tea is used for brewing this drink, but black tea and white tea can also be used. Perfect to kick-start the day, along with a bowl of nutritious porridge, jasmine tea is sure to tickle your taste buds long after the cup has been emptied.

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