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Weekend Entertaining: Malaysian Brunch Menu

This weekend, invite friends around for a brunch with a difference. Create a Malaysian brunch menu with authentic street-food dishes for a meal that’s sure to wake up your tastebuds – and wake up the neighbourhood with all of those delicious cooking smells!

Roti canai

The Malaysian equivalent of pancakes or waffles, roti canai features flaky, buttery roti bread with a robust dhal curry on the side. Sure, you could take the easy option and buy some good-quality roti bread from your Asian grocer, but why not blow your guests away by making your own roti from scratch? You can get a headstart on this one by making the dhal a day ahead.

Roti Canai and Dhal Curry Recipe

Mee rebus

Forget pouring a bowl of cornflakes or muesli – the best breakfast bowls in Malaysia are filled with mee rebus. Take two types of noodles, a thick curry sauce and colourful garnishes and you have brunch dish that’ll see you through until dinner. Make the gravy the day before, then simply heat up and serve on the day.

Mee Rebus recipe

Kaya on toast

The Malaysian answer to honey on toast, kaya is a thick, luscious coconut jam enriched with eggs and pandan. Make a batch of Malaysian kaya a day or two in advance, then serve with toasted white bread and hard-boiled eggs.

Malaysian Kaya Recipe

Teh tarik

To drink, it has to be the Malaysian specialty of teh tarik. Teh tarik masters practice their craft for years, pouring the milky tea from great heights to create the fluffiest froth. Best to try this one outdoors, where it won’t matter so much if you make a splash.

teh tarik

Tropical fruits

Complete your brunch with tropical fruit jellies and lychee bellinis, made by adding a splash of lychee juice to chilled sparkling wine.

Tropical Fruit Salad in Jelly

For more Malaysian entertaining advice, try this impressive four-course Malaysian dinner party menu, including wine matches.

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