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Using and Caring For Japanese Skewers

The sight of seasoned, sizzling, skewered pork, when you have friends and family over for a barbecue, is a small party in itself. But what if you want to add a special Asian twist to your skewered meats?

Using and Caring For Japanese Skewers

Image Courtesy: smalljude used under the Creative Commons Licence

Asian Inspirations lets you in on all the little secrets to planning your meal the Asian way. Bring out the soy sauce, mirin and caster sugar. And make sure you have those special Japanese skewers to wow your guests.

Japanese skewers are called kushi. They’re great for holding and piercing Japanese food that’s grilled and roasted, or even deep-fried. Yakitori, for example, is a dish for which kushi are used widely. Made of steel, wood or bamboo, kushi are great tools in the culinary world. They’re easy to make, and also reusable, which is why they’re so popular among street vendors.

Using and Caring For Japanese Skewers

Image Courtesy: Jay Bergesen used under the Creative Commons Licence

Here’s how you can become an expert in using and caring for Japanese skewers:

1. Soak them in water for 20 to 30 minutes before placing food on them, to prevent them from spoiling soon.

2. If you are placing foods that take different amounts of time to cook, use different skewers for the foods.

3. Slide the food pieces down the skewers instead of roughly shoving them down the length of wood or bamboo or steel.

4. If using metal Kushi, be sure to wipe your skewer clean with a soft, dry towel after use. This will prevent them from getting spoilt.

5. For hygienic reasons, reusing bamboo or wooden Kushi is not recommended.

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