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Unusual Korean Ingredients

Korean cuisine has various elements which make it stand out from the rest of the dishes in Asian cuisine. There are three delicious but unusual Korean ingredients that add a perfect touch to any meal.


Unusual Korean Ingredients

Image Courtesy: bluegreen405 used under the Creative Commons Licence

Jokbal is an unusual type of pork dish which is very popular among the locals. Jokbal literally means pig’s legs or trotters (boneless). It is usually seasoned and steamed with spicy black soy sauce, ginger and soybean which make the meat succulent and irresistible. It can be eaten in Sangchu wraps or as a side with alcohol. Though it looks unusual, this is one must try for pork fanatics.


Unusual Korean Ingredients

Image Courtesy: Uncornered Market used under the Creative Commons Licence

A popular Chinese delicacy has found its audience in South Korea. Dalkbal, which are whole chicken feet, can be steamed, grilled, boiled or fried as per the customer’s requirement. It is smothered in a spicy sauce to enhance the taste. The correct way to eat it is to put the whole chicken foot in the mouth at one time.


Unusual Korean Ingredients

Image Courtesy: Gaël Chardon used under the Creative Commons Licence

A fermented skate or stingray is a type of fish delicacy with a pungent smell. It is known as one of the strongest smelling delicacies in the world as it emits a strong odour of ammonia. The fish is usually eaten uncooked but can also be enjoyed with boiled pork belly or Kimchi in a lettuce wrap. Though it has a strong smell, it’s considered healthy with its high protein. So, the next time you’re planning a meal, consider including these Asian ingredients.

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