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Tropical Desserts that Taste like Summer Plus Pro Tips on Sauces and Serving

There’s something about the scent of coconuts, mangoes and lychees that just screams summer to us! With the sun shining and warmth in the air, we thought it was the perfect time to revisit some of our favourite Asian desserts. To keep things fresh for summer, we’ve also included tips on creating luscious sauces, tropical salsas and spritzy jellies.

Tropical fruit salad in jelly

You can make this tropical fruit salad in jelly year round by using canned fruits, but when it’s summertime we love to use the abundance of fresh ingredients, such as lychees, mangoes and rambutans – don’t use fresh pineapple, though, as it will prevent the gelatin from setting.

Tropical Fruit Salad in Jelly Recipe

Tip: For a festive twist, swap half the water for 150ml sparkling wine or moscato, then pour into martini glasses to set. To really push the boat out, garnish with edible gold leaf.

Thai coconut ice cream

The flavour and aroma of coconut just says tropical holidays to us. Relieve your trips to Thailand by creating this luscious Thai coconut ice cream.

Thai cococnut ice cream recipe

Tip: For the full Thai holiday experience, make a batch of banana pancakes, then serve with a scoop of coconut ice cream on top.

Mango and coconut mousse

Mangoes are one of summer’s greatest gifts. Embrace their sweet, juicy flesh by using fresh mango instead of canned in this Malaysian mango and coconut mousse.

Christmas Mango and Coconut Mousse Recipe

Tip: Make a mango coulis by blending fresh mango flesh with a squeeze of lemon and a teaspoon of icing sugar, then press through a sieve until smooth. Drizzle over the pudding to serve.

Coconut pudding

This creamy Thai coconut pudding is a delicate, smooth dessert that’s perfect for warm summer evenings.

Thai Coconut Pudding Recipe

Tip: Serve it with a tropical salsa. Finely dice lychees and banana, then toss with passionfruit pulp and shredded mint leaves for a tangy, sweet dressing.

For more coconut inspiration, try these savoury coconut recipes.

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