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Top Hawker-style Snacks and Malaysian Street Foods

With the clang of woks, the aroma of grilled meats and the happy chatter of satisfied diners, there’s nothing quite like the energy of a Malaysian hawker market to whet your appetite. Channel that vibe at home with six of our top hawker-style snacks and Malaysian street foods.

Satay skewers

Nothing says Malaysian street food quite like authentic satay skewers. The secret to delicious satay is in the marinade, so be sure to marinate the meat in the fridge for at least one hour. Try our recipe for sweet and spicy satay using lamb, beef or chicken.

Sweet and Spicy Satay

Char kway teow

Authentic char kway teow is all about imparting the ‘wok hei’, or breath of the wok. Be sure your wok is well seasoned and piping hot before you toss in the ingredients for this Malaysian char kway teow.

Malaysian Char Kway Teow Recipe

Teh Tarik

Available from street vendors and kopi tiams (coffee houses), teh tarik, or pulled tea, is a frothy, flavour-packed beverage of black tea and condensed milk. It takes teh tarik makers years to master their craft, so start practicing now with this home-style recipe for teh tarik.

teh tarik

Roti canai and dhal curry

If you’re lucky enough to visit a Malaysian hawker market, keep an eye out for the sight of dough being stretched and tossed in the air. Flaky, buttery roti canai is delicious with a side of dhal curry. Have a go at making your own roti canai and dhal curry at home.

Roti Canai and Dhal Curry Recipe

Mee rebus

Another must-try at Malaysian hawker markets is mee rebus. This satisfying savoury dish comprises thick yellow noodles in an aromatic gravy, garnished with chillies, hard-boiled egg, sambal and lime. Make this mee rebus recipe at home.

Mee Rebus recipe


Sweet-tooths will swoon over this popular Malaysian dessert, a rich, creamy concoction of coconut milk, pandan noodles and palm sugar. Discover why cendol is the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

Malaysian Cendol Recipe

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