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Top Four Japanese Favourites

Japanese cuisine has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. If you still have not enjoyed the sumptuous treats Japanese cuisine presents, you are missing out on delectable food.

Asian Inspirations lists down the top four Japanese delicacies, to help you start with the best.



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Simply put, sushi consists of a piece of raw seafood placed on a ball of rice that is seasoned with vinegar. There are many other ingredients combined as well; seafood, vegetables and tropical fruits to name a few. There is a wide range of ingredients including tuna, prawns, squid, cucumber, pickled radish, or sweet egg omelette, with ginger, wasabi or soy sauce served alongside. Sushi is known for its wonderful flavours that range from juicy, tangy to spicy.


Top Four Japanese Delicacies

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Tempura, batter-coated ingredients deep-fried in sesame oil, is a crispy and delicious Japanese dish. The batter used is generally a mixture of egg, water and wheat flour. Among the ingredients used are prawns, shrimp, and varied vegetables. Cooked pieces of tempura are seasoned with salt, served along with dipping sauce, or grated daikon. This dish was introduced in the 16th century by the Portuguese, and has now become one of Japan’s most popular dishes internationally.


Top Four Japanese Delicacies

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Thinly sliced pieces of seafood, vegetables, tofu, meat and mushrooms held with chopsticks cooked in a hot broth, and then brought to the table for you to cook yourself, shabu-shabu is a decadent dish. It is dipped in a citrus or sesame sauce before being eaten. Shabu-shabu is a not only popular in tourist hot-spots in Japan, but also in Japanese neighbourhoods in the United States and Canada.


Top Four Japanese Delicacies

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A staple food in Japan, soba consists of long, thin buckwheat noodles, served in either a hot, soy sauce or a flavoured broth, at room temperature on a bamboo mat.  Of course, it is available in several other variations, cold soba dishes – mori soba, zaru soba, hiyashi soba, and hot soba dishes such as kake soba, soki soba, to name a few. It is so popular a delicacy, that is has become a must-eat dish in Japan.

This was just a sneak-peek into Japanese cuisine. Make sure you devour the other Japanese titbits too.

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