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Top Chef Leslie Chan Shares The Secret To Cooking For Kids

Top Melbourne chef Leslie Chan may be best known for his cutting-edge Cantonese creations, but when he’s away from the professional kitchen he’s whipping up wholesome, approachable Chinese recipes for his family.

Leslie Chan

“My daughter is six and my son is four, and I find that they are becoming more fussy in their food choices as they get older,” says Leslie, “But luckily the like to eat everything I cook!”

This multi-award-winning chef spends his days testing out new Chinese recipes using sous-vide and the Rational combi-oven, but when he’s at home he’s just as likely to reach for his trusty wok or steamer basket when cooking for his kids.

“Some of their favourite recipes are Chinese barbecued pork, steamed fish, egg tarts, and sweet and sour pork,” says Leslie.

As they’re quite mild in flavour, these dishes are a great way to introduce children to Chinese cuisine.

Try our easy recipe for sweet and sour beef, or these sticky sweet and sour chicken wings.

Sweet and Sour Beef

Leslie also has some handy tips when it comes to serving vegetables to fussy eaters: “I like to sneak extra vegetables into their fried rice,” he admits.

Try our recipe for honey & soy fried rice – pro tip: add extra peas, chopped green beans, and diced red capsicum for an added vegetable boost!

Go With the Grain: 10 Rice Recipes

After a long day’s work, the last thing Leslie feels like doing is spending hours preparing dinner. Fortunately, this pro chef has a few shortcut dinners up his sleeve.

“If I only have 30 minutes to prepare dinner, I will make steamed fish with Lee Kum Kee soy sauce, or stir-fried pork with Lee Kum Kee sweet and sour sauce because they are quick and easy to cook as well as delicious,” says Leslie.

For more cooking inspiration, try these family-friendly Chinese recipes, or experiment with these family dinners with a twist.

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