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Top 5 Traditional Japanese Drinks

While exploring Japan you are sure to stumble on to the national beverage Sake and different kinds of teas, but you would also be intrigued to taste and discover our Top 5 Traditional Japanese Drinks.

Japan has some of the most exotic traditional drinks brimming with great health benefits. Not only are they good for health but are great thirst quenchers. They are unique in taste and are a concoction of various herbs, roots, vegetables, fruits and grains.

A few of the most common traditional non-alcoholic drinks in Japan are listed below.



Traditional Japanese Drinks - Aojiru

Image Courtesy: kc7fys used under the Creative Commons Licence

Aojiru literally means ‘green drink’ or ‘green juice’ and is made predominantly from kale greens along with barley grass and green tea leaves. The drink gained popularity by Dr. Niro Endo, who developed it in 1943 and it is claimed that Aojiru cured his wife from nephritis and his son’s pneumonia. Although the drink is bitter in taste it has a rich source of vitamins and minerals making it is a great dietary supplement that also increases longevity.


Sakura Tea

Traditional Japanese Drinks - Sakura Tea

Image Courtesy: Cheek Fille used under the Creative Commons Licence

Inspired by the traditional Japanese motif of the cherry blossom, Sakura tea is a wonderful blend of floral and sweet notes. Not only is it relaxing and rejuvenating but also good for the skin. The tea is prepared with pickled cherry blossoms in plum vinegar. Studies find that extract of cherry blossom in teas help in strengthening the immune system thereby increasing longevity and good health. Sakura tea is also served at Japanese weddings.



Traditional Japanese Drinks - Hoppy

Image Courtesy: JaneGabriela used under the Creative Commons Licence

Hoppy is a non-alcoholic, beer flavoured beverage developed by Kokuha Beverage Company. It is usually added with shochu, a distilled beverage for a better taste. Hoppy was not affordable to the common man before World War II. Studies suggest that hoppy might help recover from seasonal sickness in adults and respiratory syncytial problems, which leads to pneumonia and bronchitis.


Matcha Latte

Traditional Japanese Drinks - Matcha Latte

Image Courtesy: Kirinohana used under the Creative Commons Licence

Your mornings just got better with Matcha Latte, a non-alcoholic drink made from matcha green tea powder mixed with milk. Although it’s bitter in taste it is neutralised by the milk and can be enjoyed warm or cold. It is a great source of anti-oxidants and scientific studies suggest that the green tea may have heart-healthy and cancer-prevention properties.



Traditional Japanese Drinks - Ryokucha

Image Courtesy: Nicole Lee used under the Creative Commons Licence

Ryokucha tea is a generic term for the Japanese steamed green tea. ‘ Ryoku ‘ means green in Japanese. And ‘ cha ‘ means tea. There are many brands of bottled green tea varying in their level of bitterness. It is a powerhouse of nutrition, and has great antioxidants and health benefits which infuses a sense of calm and helps to relax the mind. It is also a great option for weight-loss.

So enjoy these drinks, refresh your mind and feel rejuvenated.

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