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Top 5 Korean Vegetarian Dishes

Korean cuisine is a carnivore’s paradise! Although largely based on seafood and meat, it offers a large number of exquisite vegetarian dishes that are just as good as their meat dishes. These scrumptious Korean vegetarian dishes are exactly the food youneed to cleanse your system and eat healthy and light.

Here are 5 Korean Vegetarian Dishes that are absolutely lip-smacking:


Imagine tons of vegetables, cooked to perfection, waiting on a big platter just to be devoured by you, Bibimbap is just that mouth-watering dish. This is a vegetable lovers paradise, it has tons of vegetables and can incorporate a few more of your choice. All you will need is some cooked rice, vegetables of your choice and some seasoning. Chop and sauté the vegetables separately, drizzle some soy sauce and sesame oil on top, add salt and a few grains of sugar. Display all this on a beautiful platter and serve with some hot pepper paste.

bibimbap - Top 5 Korean Vegetarian Dishes

Image Courtesy: Stacy Spensley used under the Creative Commons Licence


Pajeon is a refreshing take on the ordinary pancakes. Eating sweet pancakes all the time can get a little monotonous. Add a twist to your favourite breakfast with this simple ingredient – green onion. Light fluffy pancakes with some green onions can turn the gloomiest of days into fresh days.  Here’s how you can make Pajeon, chop some green onions, make a smooth batter by mixing flour, water, some soybean paste and salt. Cook it on a non-stick pan and enjoy.

pajeon - 5 Korean Vegetarian Dishes

Image Courtesy: Korean Resource Center 민 used under the Creative Commons Licence


Japchae is a sweet potato stir-fried noodle and is one of Korea’s favourite dishes. It is a perfect dish for your potluck parties. Boil some sweet potato starch noodles and set them aside, pick a few vegetables of your choice and sauce them in a little bit of oil, drizzle some soy sauce and add salt. Arrange them in a big pot a serve it hot.

It is sometimes served with meat.

japchae - Korean Vegetarian Dishes

Image Courtesy: sstrieu used under the Creative Commons Licence


Kimbap in simple words is sushi. It is made with steamed short grain rice some kim or roasted seaweed, spinach and a few vegetables of your choice. Take a bamboo mat, lay a sheet of roasted seaweed spread some rice on it. Arrange the vegetables over it and roll it all together tightly. Once set, cut them into bite size pieces and enjoy. Japanese California rolls are similar to sushi rolls, and taste just as good.

kimbap - Top 5 Korean Vegetarian Dish

Image Courtesy: manda_wong used under the Creative Commons Licence


This is nothing but Korean ramen. Korean ramen is always instant and fresh. Raymond comes in a variety of flavours, pick one of your choice and get cooking. In boiling water add the noodles, soup powder and stir continuously to avoid lumps. After it is cooked top, it up with a some spring onion for a refreshing taste.

ramyeon- Korean Vegetarian Dish

Image Courtesy: Robert Pitkin used under the Creative Commons Licence

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