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Top 5 Delicious Dishes Using Pumpkin

Pumpkins are an integral part of the Chinese Moon Festival. The tradition of eating pumpkin during the mid-autumn Festival goes back to ancient China, where it was believed to  bring them good luck and health. Also people who weren’t very affluent would eat pumpkin as they couldn’t afford mooncakes during the Moon Festival.

 Top 5 Delicious Dishes Using Pumpkin

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It is said that, long time ago a couple and their daughter who belonged to a poor family of lived at the foothills of a South Mountain in China. One day when the old couple’s daughter was working in the fields of the South Mountain she found a pumpkin and brought it home. She cooked the pumpkin and fed her parents which miraculously helped the old couple who were about to die due to illness. Since then pumpkin has been related to good health.

Eating pumpkin during moon festival is a must and here are a top 5 delicious Pumpkin dishes.

1. Panaeng pumpkin & lentil soup

   A hearty Thai-flavoured pumpkin soup with lentils is one of the perfect pick-me-ups for weeknight dinners. Try this delicious pumpkin recipe.

Panaeng Pumpkin Lentil Soup

2. Yellow curry of bugs, sweet pumpkin and tomato

   Don’t be misled by the name, the “bugs” in here are not the ones found in the garden but refer to a type of lobster. Try this Thai recipe.

Yellow Curry of Bugs, Sweet Pumpkin and Tomato Recipe

3. Steamed custard in a pumpkin shell

This is the simplest thing you could make with pumpkin. It is creamy, yummy and filling. One of the easiest desserts you’ll want to devour after a party! Check out the recipe here.

 Steamed Custard in a Pumpkin Shell - 10 tips to plan an asian meal

4. Pumpkin fried rice

The bright yellow colour of pumpkin is sure to add a zing to a dinner table.Rice and pumpkin go hand in hand and together put they look even better. Stir-fry some pork, fish, garlic, onions, mushrooms and pumpkin together and later add some uncooked rice and stir fry.. Once done put them together in a cooker and let them cook until perfect and soft. Serve with a sprig of cilantro. Wasn’t that easy?

5. Pumpkin and baby spinach salad

Loaded with iron, this dish,is light and nourishing, and is a perfect start to a meal. Bake some pumpkin with honey, olive oil and sesame seeds until golden brown. Make a light dressing with lemon juice, olive oil and some salt and pepper. Combine the two with roasted pine nuts and baby spinach and enjoy.

pumpkin salad - 5 Delicious Pumpkin Dishes

Image Courtesy: jules used under the Creative Commons Licence 

Panaeng pumpkin & lentil soup

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