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Top 3 Ways to use Ginseng to Ward off Winter Ailments

It’s a blighting cold day and you have a running nose with a sore throat. You look forward to making your very own home remedy to ward off these winter ailments. Well, Ginseng is your saviour! It is a powerful tonic herb, ginseng pretends to lock down the exterior of the human body while releasing energy on the inside.

ginseng - Top 3 Ways to use Ginseng

Image Courtesy:  Eugene Kim used under the Creative Commons Licence

Available in most Asian stores around Australia and online, Ginseng is a slow growing plant that belongs to the perennial plants family with fleshy roots. It grows in places with cooler climates and is usually available in a dried form, whole and sliced.

We know that the Koreans believe in the principle of Yin and Yang and hence Korean Ginseng is best used in the cold months of the year as it has warming properties and is extremely stimulating.

Here are 3 ways to use ginseng to ward off winter ailments:

1. It’s amazing for the common cold:

Ginseng is a natural prophylactic treatment for upper respiratory tract infection. Studies have shown that ginseng helps increase the number of immune cells in the body by stimulating the immunoglobin proteins that act as anti-bodies. When the number of immune cells increase the body becomes less prone to falling sick.

2. Cure sore throat and inflammations:

Ginseng being a herb is supremely beneficial when consumed as a tea. When this herb is added to the tea, its benefits get absorbed which helps with the sore throat. Ginseng helps in the thinning of mucus and soothes cough.

3. Improve stamina and health with ginseng tea:

Consumption of ginseng tea on a daily basis is known to rejuvenate and refresh the mind and body. Ginseng tea doesn’t only benefit the physical health of a person but also helps the mental health of a person.

Here’s how you make Ginseng tea in a 5 simple steps. All that you will need to make your own Ginseng tea is water, ginseng and honey to taste.

*Take the root and slice it as thinly as possible.

*Use about 1 tablespoon of these shavings per person depending on the number of people.

*Put them in a bowl

*Add some hot water to it (never use boiling water as it might banish a few qualities of ginseng) and stir in some honey to taste.

*Let this concoction sit for about 5 minutes.

*Enjoy the delicious ginseng tea for better health.


ginseng tea-  Top 3 Ways to use Ginseng to Ward off Winter Ailments

Image Courtesy:  iris used under the Creative Commons Licence

Ginseng has properties that help a human body adapt to stressful situations of various kinds: cold, exertion, heat, trauma, sleep deprivation, radiation and infection.

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