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Tips for Perfect Stir-Frying

Stir frying is perhaps one of the most fun ways of cooking, and yet, so many people get it wrong. Imagine how amazing it would be to actually toss your food in the air and have it land in the pan perfectly, without spilling the tiniest ingredient.

It’s not just about having the bits and pieces of veggies and meats. It’s about technique and proper methodology. Here are a few tips for perfect stir-frying.

Tips for Perfect Stir-Frying

Image Courtesy: Sarah Cady used under the Creative Commons Licence

Use a wok

As far as possible, use a wok for stir-frying. But if you don’t have one, make do with a flat-bottomed pan. It gives the ingredients closer contact with heat.


It’s a myth that you always have to opt for maximum heat while stir-frying. The best stir-fry dishes are actually prepared over a medium flame. But if you’re bent on a higher degree, take the heat to a medium-high.

Chop all your ingredients

Stir-frying is a very quick process. You’re constantly throwing in one ingredient after the other without almost no pause. So, make sure all your ingredients are bite-sized before you drop them in the pan/wok. This way, they fry faster.

Cooking time

Vegetables that are harder will naturally take a longer time to fry. So, if you have red bell peppers and small, diced onions, fry the peppers first, and then throw in the onions.


If your stir-fry dish has chicken or fish, make sure they’re cooked first and then tossed in after vegetables and other ingredients. This way, the meats come in for the final heat, so they aren’t overcooked.

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