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The Main Event: Five Of The Best Korean Main Courses

Korean cuisine continues to be one of the hottest culinary trends in Australia – but don’t let the unfamiliar ingredients and complicated names put you off. Try five of the best Korean main courses for healthy, delicious dinners that are ready in minutes.


For a balanced meal in one bowl, you can’t go past the flavour and nutrition of Korean bibimbap, brimming with colourful vegetables, lean protein and energy-boosting carbs.


Beef bulgogi

Four ingredients and 30 minutes are all it takes to make one of Korea’s most popular main courses: beef bulgogi. This family-friendly recipe also works wonders with lean pork steaks.

4 ways to cook beef during winter

Spicy tofu hotpot

A favourite Korean main course for the cooler months ahead, soonduboo jjigae is a spicy tofy hotpot with layers of soul-warming flavour.

Soonduboo Jjigae


A riot of colours and textures, japchae combines chewy sweet potato noodles with crunchy vegetables and tender beef for a healthy and delectable Korean dinner.

Japchae - What Are The Key Asian Ingredients Used In Australia?

Daeji bulgogi

A fiery version of classic beef bulgogi, this daeji bulgogi of pork belly, chilli, garlic and ginger is sure to spice up your cooking repertoire. Marinate the meat a day in advance, then quickly grill it just before serving.

Daeji Bulgogi

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