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The Low-Down on Low-GI Diets: Five Asian Recipes to Try

Following a low-GI diet doesn’t mean you have to skip all of your favourite carbs. Instead, simply switch the white rice for unrefined grains, ditch the instant noodles in favour of buckwheat soba, and add plenty of quality vegetables, lean meats and fresh seafood to your menu.

Seared tuna on soba noodles

Made with buckwheat flour, Japanese soba are a great low-GI alternative when a noodle craving strikes. For a healthy dinner that’s quicker than dialling up takeaway, try this seared tuna on soba noodles, packed with good-for-you greens. 

Seared Tuna on Soba Noodles Recipe

Malaysian prawn curry

With very low-GI scores of just 19 and 10 respectively, carrots and broccoli are the posterchildren of a low-GI diet. Toss them with prawns, coconut milk and a good-quality curry paste to create this aromatic Malaysian prawn curry. If you feel that you need rice on the side, opt for steamed brown rice instea, or try your hand at making cauliflower ‘rice’ instead.

01 Malaysian Lemongrass Prawn Curry_Lingham's


For a low-GI take on your favourite bibimbap recipe, simply exchange the white rice for a more robust, unrefined option, such as brown rice or wild rice, or keep an eye out for low-GI white rice in your supermarket.

wild rice healthy kinds of rice you did not know
wild rice healthy kinds of rice you did not know

Spicy stir-fry with chicken, basil and green beans

Beans come in at a very low-GI score of 15, making them an excellent choice for salads, stir-fries and side dishes. We love this spicy stir-fry of chicken breast, basil and green beans, which also contains naturally low-GI mushrooms for an extra-filling dish.

Thai Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken with Beans Recipe


Lean beef loin, protein-packed tofu, cabbage and mushrooms: all of the main ingredients in this Japanese-style beef stew are low-GI, meaning you’ll feel deeply satisfied following your bowl of sukiyaki.

Sukiyaki Japanese Beef Stew

For more clean eating ideas, read our seven simple rules for healthy Chinese eating, or try five low-fat Asian recipes.

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