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The Best Malaysian Food Served Morning Noon and Night

Malaysians are famous for their love of food, often enjoying five or six meals a day! Best pull on your stretchy pants if you plan to follow in their footsteps, with the best Malaysian food served morning, noon and night.

Breakfast of nasi lemak

Regarded as Malaysia’s national dish, nasi lemak literally means ‘fatty rice’,a satisfying meal of coconut milk rice served with an array of sides, such as sambal, ikan bilis (fried anchovies), peanuts, cucumber and hard-boiled egg. It sure makes for a satisfying, hearty start to the day.

Nasi Lemak with Sweet Sambal Recipe

Mid-morning caffeine hit of teh tarik

Beat the mid-morning slump with a piping-hot mug of teh tarik, a frothy concoction of tea and condensed milk, poured from a great height.

teh tarik

Lunch of laksa

A bowl brimming with tangy assam laksa or rich curry laksa, also known as curry mee, will put you in good stead for the rest of the day.

Cooling afternoon cendol

Beat the heat in the mid afternoon with a cooling bowl of cendol. A mixture of bright green pandan noodles, palm sugar and coconut milk, this icy treat is traditionally served from street stalls.

Malaysian Cendol Recipe

Curry puffs for tea time treats

Popular in the Malaysian-Indian community, tea time treats are salty, fried snacks, such as these flaky curry puffs.

Malaysian Curry Puff Karipap

Pre-dinner satay snack

Still have room for a snack before dinner? Hit up one of Malaysia’s hawker markets or roadside stalls for a serve of smoky, sweet and spicy satay skewers.

Sweet and Spicy Satay

Crabs for dinner

Chinese-inspired seafood dishes are a favourite choice for celebratory dinners in Malaysia. Recreate that experience at home with this impressive recipe for Malaysian butter crabs.

malaysia butter crabs

Midnight mee rebus

No matter the hour, you’ll never go hungry in Malaysia, thanks to the Mamak stalls that are open 24 hours a day. Mamak specialties include mee rebus, nasi kandar and mamak mee goreng.

Mee Rebus recipe

For more Chinese inspiration, discover 8 Cantonese recipes the family will love.

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