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Thailands Spiciest Dishes for Full-on Flavour

Now that you’ve learnt all about the cooling effects of chilli, why not put this theory to the test yourself by cooking up five of Thailand’s spiciest dishes. Trust us, once you get over the initial rush of warmth, you’ll be amazed by the results.

Thai jungle curry

Without the cooling effects of coconut milk, the heat levels in this Thai jungle curry are off the charts! Be sure to have plenty of plain steamed rice handy to temper the burn.

thai jungle curry

Spicy chicken with bamboo shoots

A piquant blend of red curry paste, green peppercorns and red chilli add lip-tingling pep to this dish of spicy chicken with bamboo shoots.


Spicy fish with basil

Even the name sounds punchy: think of pla pad kaprow as a fiery Thai take on sweet and sour, with golden-fried fish fillets slathered in a spicy basil and garlic sauce.

Thai Spicy Basil Fish Recipe - Pla Pad Kaprow

Drunken noodles

You’re sure to break a sweat when you tuck into these pad kee mao, also known as ‘drunken noodles’ – it’s no wonder they’re a favourite hangover cure in Thailand!

Thai Drunken Noodles - Pad Kee Mao

Som tum salad

When you order som tum salad on the street in Thailand, the vendor will ask you ‘pet mai’? Which means, do you like it hot? Our tip: say no, or ‘nit de-oy’ (a little) at best. Otherwise, this innocent looking green papaya salad will blow your head off.

Thai Papaya Salad Recipe

Want more fire in your life? Turn up the heat by adding sambal to everything, or try our spiciest Asian recipes for chilli fiends.

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