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Street Wise: Five Easy Malaysian Noodle Recipes

Take inspiration from Malaysia’s best street food dishes to whip up six easy Malaysian noodle recipes. From speedy wok-tossed noodles to a fragrant soup that requires hours of dedication, these authentic noodle recipes deliver the true taste of Malaysia.

Char kway teow

No trip to Malaysia is complete without a plate of char kway teow. Now you can savour this smoky stir-fry at home with our authentic recipe for this hawker classic, ready in 20 minutes.

Malaysian Char Kway Teow Recipe

Mee rebus

The secret to this Malaysian curried noodle dish is all in the garnishes. Make a mild curry soup, then top your mee rebus with hard-boiled eggs, sliced chillies, fried tofu and crunchy shallots for bowl brimming with flavour and texture in 30 minutes.

Mee Rebus recipe

Mamak mee goreng

Enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner – and everything in between – mamak mee goreng is an authentic Mamak specialty of spicy fried noodles with chicken and prawns. And it can be yours in around 15 minutes.

Mamak Mee Goreng Recipe

Penang hokkien mee

Save this one for the weekend when you have more time up your sleeve, then spend a few hours preparing this mouthwatering Penang hokkien mee, enriched with prawns and pork ribs.



Think noodles are reserved for savoury dishes? Think again. One of Malaysia’s signature desserts is cendol: chewy pandan noodles bathed in palm sugar and coconut milk. This eye-catching dessert is easier than you think.

Malaysian Cendol Recipe

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