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Spice Up Your Dinner: 5 Easy Thai Curries for Busy Weeknights

What’s quicker than making rice? Well, the answer is curries! All you need during a hectic weekday is a quick fix solution to make a yummy curry for dinner that goes well with rice and satiates your hunger pangs.

We bring to you 5 Easy Thai Curries for busy weeknights, dinner table that your family will love!

Thai Red Curry Duck

The gentle aroma of basil and lime leaves with the fiery red curry paste and the succulent duck is something you will look forward to make for dinner. Enjoy it with a bowl of steamed rice. Get the recipe here.

roasted duck curry - easy thai curries

Thai Green Curry Barramundi

Nothing can inspire you more than cooking this curry for dinner. An easy twist to the green curry, the addition of poached Barramundi fish gives a power packed kick to this dish. Serve it with steamed jasmine rice and sauteed spinach. Check out the recipe here.


Vegetable Massaman Curry (Massaman Phak)

Fancy a dinner that can be made in under an hour? This Vegetable Massaman Curry is just what you need. Packed with colourful vegetables and cooked with rich Massaman curry paste, this curry can be cooked in about 20 minutes if you have all the ingredients ready. Check out the recipe here.


Thai Jungle Curry

Don’t be misled by the name it has got nothing to do with the wilderness of a jungle. Did you know? This curry does not use coconut milk since it hails from Northern Thailand where the coconut trees are quite scarce. The fragrance of this curry is enough to tempt you to cook! Recipe here.

easy Thai jungle curry

Light Red Pork Curry

Making a curry couldn’t get easier than this. The light red pork curry is filled with a combination of hearty vegetables cooked with pork. And guess what? it’s ready in under 30 minutes! Get the recipe here.


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