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Souper Stars: Six of the Best Asian Soups

Take a culinary spin around Asia without leaving home with our pick of six of the best Asian soups. These flavour-packed recipes will make you a “souper star” at home, with signature soups from Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea and China.

Malaysian chicken curry laksa

Jam-packed with two types of noodles, plus poached chicken, tofu puffs and crunchy bean sprouts, this luscious Malaysian chicken curry laksa recipe can be on the table in under 30 minutes.

01 Malaysian Chicken Curry Laksa_Lingham's

Thai tom yum

Fragrant with lemongrass and kaffir lime, this authentic Thai tom yum soup makes a delicious dinner party starter or light meal.

Tom Yum Soup with Prawns Recipe

Cantonese wonton noodle soup

A Hong Kong staple, this Cantonese wonton noodle soup boasts chewy egg noodles and DIY wontons filled with pork mince and sweet lap cheong sausage. For a cheat’s version, use good-quality store-bought wontons.

Cantonese wonton noodle soup recipe

Japanese miso ramen

No trip to Japan is complete without a bowl of steamy miso ramen. Recreate those authentic Japanese flavours at home with this healthy recipe for miso ramen with salmon and silken tofu.

Miso Ramen with Salmon and Silken Tofu Recipe

Korean kimchi soup

Fast becoming our go-to soup this winter, this Korean kimchi soup not only tastes great, it’s also great for you, loaded with fermented kimchi and soft silken tofu.

Spicy Asian Recipes- soft silken tofu and kimchi soup

Sichuan chilli beef soup

For a Chinese soup that will bring a glow to your face, boil up a batch of this simmered beef in hot chilli beef. This speedy supper is packed with flavour and nutrients.

For more easy Asian soups for winter, discover 6 of the best chicken noodle soups, or 7 satisfying Japanese soups and stews.

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