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Snack Attack: 8 Authentic Recipes from Japanese izakayas

If you can’t wait to experience one of Australia’s top izakaya restaurants, then create your own Japanese bar snacks at home with eight authentic recipes from Japanese izakayas. Just add beer, sake or whisky.

Yakitori chicken

Channel the smoky yakitori bars and izakayas of Japan with these glazed chicken and spring onion skewers, ideal with a flask of sake.

japanese yakitori chicken recipe

Wasabi miso eggplant

A popular izakaya dish, known as nasu dengaku, this delicate Japanese dish teams tender grilled or fried eggplant with a nutty miso dressing. Get the recipe here.

Japanese Wasabi Miso Eggplant Recipe


It’s hard to go past a serve of gyoza at your local izakaya. Packed with pork mince, cabbage and spring onion, these Japanese dumplings are the ultimate bar snack.

japanese gyoza


This savoury pancake resembles an okonomiyaki, crammed with crunchy vegetables and drizzled with Kewpie mayonnaise.


Image courtesy: Henry Burrows used Creative Commons Licence

Potato & corn croquettes

Perfect with an ice-cold beer, these crunchy, fluffy croquettes are flavoured with wasabi and spring onion. Get the recipe here.

Japanese Wasabi Croquette Recipe


Originally hailing from Portugal, tempura has become a Japanese trademark, famed for its crunchy, thin batter that encases fresh vegetables and seafood.

Tempura recipe

Sizzling ginger yakiniku skewers

Order these sweet and savoury pork skewers straight off the grill for a satisfying izakaya snack that’s packed with protein. Get the recipe here.

Sizzling ginger yakiniku (pork) skewers recipe

Agedashi tofu

In this delicate Japanese dish, cubes of silky smooth tofu are covered in a crunchy coating, then served in a pool of salty dashi broth. Get the recipe here.

Deep-fried Tofu in Soy (agedashi Tofu)

Now that you’ve sorted your snacks, read all about sake, the Japanese drink.

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