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Slim Secrets: Healthy Japanese Recipes and Wellbeing Tips

When it comes to staying slim, fit and healthy, we could all follow the lead of the Japanese way of life. Not only do Japanese people generally have great physiques, they also tend to live longer than the rest of the world’s population.

The good news is that their health and wellbeing is intrinsically linked to Japanese cuisine and the way they eat it, so it’s easy to adopt their virtuous practices at home with healthy Japanese recipes.

Salmon Teriyaki with Udon Noodle Salad

Choose ingredients for longevity

If you want to increase your lifespan, look to the eating habits of the Japanese people, particularly the small island of Okinawa off the southern tip of Japan.

Find out why these easy-to- find Japanese ingredients, such as sweet potatoes, seaweed, soybeans and shiitake mushrooms may be the secret to a long life, along with healthy Japanese recipes that showcase these ingredients.

Practice healthy eating habits

Whether it’s pausing between bites, finishing before they are full, or ensuring they get their daily does of omega-3s, the Japanese people have a host of healthy eating habits that help you stay healthy, slim and fit. Try incorporating just a few of these ideas into your own life – you’ll soon start reaping the rewards.

Eat with the seasons

Another way to live a healthy Japanese lifestyle is to eat with the seasons. By choosing fruits and vegetables that are in season, you’ll receive the optimal nutritional benefits. The Japanese have elevated seasonal eating to an art form with their graceful kaiseki dining, which showcase the finest ingredients from Mother Nature.

Kaiseki Dinner

Select low-fat sushi and ease off the seasonings

When we’re looking for a healthy lunch option, we’ll often reach for sushi – but the choice of fillings in your sushi roll may not be as low-fat as you think. Instead of tempura prawns or mayonnaise-heavy tuna, reach for sushi packed with raw salmon, vegetable and egg options, as the Japanese would. And, go easy on the soy sauce! Despite what you might think, the Japanese rarely add soy to their sushi, so avoid the sodium overload and go nude next time.

Look for low-GI grains

Another healthy Japanese eating trick is to choose your carbs wisely. Try one of these healthy types of rice instead of standard white rice, and opt for buckwheat noodles over those made with plain wheat flour.

Chinese Black Rice Healthy Rice

Try one of these low-fat Japanese recipes this week:
Crisp salad with mushrooms, tofu and soba noodles
Seared tuna on soba noodles
Salmon teriyaki with udon noodle salad
Yakitori chicken
Miso soup
Marinated grilled fish

For more low-fat recipes and Asian dining inspiration.

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