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Six Ways To Cook With Coconut

An essential ingredient in kitchens across Asia, versatile coconut has a range of health benefits – it also comes in a range of styles, including coconut milk, coconut water, coconut sugar and desiccated coconut. Go nuts for coconut in all its forms with our guide to six ways to cook with coconut.

Coconut milk

Most pantries would have a can of coconut milk ready to go, adding creamy richness to soups and curries. For a fast-track dinner using coconut milk, make a batch of this Thai chicken coconut soup.

5 Fabulous Thai Menu Ideas for Reunion Dinner

Coconut cream

With a higher coconut content, coconut cream is a richer, thicker version of coconut milk. It’s ideal for fruit based desserts, like this creamy mango and coconut mousse.

Christmas Mango and Coconut Mousse Recipe

Desiccated coconut

Another kitchen staple, desiccated coconut is used in everything from cakes to curries. Once toasted, it adds texture and nutty flavour to this Thai wing bean salad.

wing bean salad 555X403

Coconut water

Not just great for rehydrating after the gym, coconut water is a popular cooking ingredient in Vietnam, where it adds a gentle sweetness to dishes like this Vietnamese-style braised pork.

Vietnamese-style Braised Pork - 10 tips to plan your asian meal

Coconut sugar

Made from the sap of coconut buds, we love coconut sugar, used to add an earthy sweetness to these massaman lamb shanks, along with a healthy dose of coconut milk.

Lamb Shanks Recipe

Powdered coconut

For a convenient hit of coconut milk, keep a box of coconut milk powder in your pantry, then use in your favourite curry or this Thai coconut ice cream.

Thai cococnut ice cream recipe

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