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Six Summer Salads

Sometimes it is just too hot to cook in summer. Other times you are looking for the perfect side dish for your Asian barbeque.

These fresh and zesty Asian salads are just what you’re looking for – packed with flavours and easy to prepare.

Green mango salad with pork

Crisp, refreshing and easy to make – and who doesn’t love mango in summer!

Thai Green Mango Salad Recipe

Singaporean rojak

This crunchy salad is an invigorating blend of sweet, sour and spicy, and is perfect as a side dish, or just on its own.

Singapore Rojak

Southern Thai salad

This salad can be packed with pork, chicken or seafood to make a meal perfect for barmy summer nights.

Southern Thai Salad Recipe

Thai glass noodle salad

Packed with flavours including mint, lemongrass chilli and coriander, this zesty salad is tasty and easy to make.

Thai glass noodle salad- yum woon sen

Somen noodle salad with eggplant, sugar snap peas and lime dressing

Explore the blend of smoky, sweet and sour with grilled eggplant, fresh sweet sugar snap peas and the zest and sourness of lime juice in this incredibly satisfying salad.


Balinese green bean salad

Garden fresh green beans topped with a peanut satay and zesty lemongrass, lime and ginger – is there a better salad for summer? Try it and let us know.

Balinese Green Bean Salad Recipe

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