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Six Satisfying Thai Salads To Serve As A Main Course

If you think salads are reserved for side dishes, think again. These six satisfying Thai salads are substantial enough to serve as a main course for a delicious lunch with friends or a light midweek dinner.

Crispy Thai salmon salad

This crispy Thai salmon salad teams seared salmon fillets with tropical fruits and a luscious red curry dressing for a sweet, savoury and spicy main-course salad.

Crispy Thai Salmon Salad

Thai beef salad

Choose a lean cut of meat such as rump steak or sirloin for this authentic Thai beef salad, a high-protein meal for two that is sure to satisfy.

10 of the Best Salads for Spring

Thai glass noodle salad

Chicken mince, bean vermicelli and dried black mushrooms add substance to this zesty Thai glass noodle salad.

Thai glass noodle salad- yum woon sen

Thai lamb and mango salad

Two classic Australian ingredients get a modern Thai makeover in this Thai lamb and mango salad, a generous main-course salad that’s ready in minutes.

Thai Lamb and Mango Salad

Red curried duck and rice noodle salad

Try this red curried duck and rice noodle salad for a flavour-packed gluten-free main course. It also works a treat with chicken marylands.

Red curried duck with glass noodle salad

Southern Thai salad

The vibrant, tangy flavours of the south are on show in this Southern Thai salad, enriched with hunger-busting prawns, pork or chicken.

Southern Thai Salad Recipe

Discover more than 100 Thai recipes on, or try five creative ideas using Thai curry paste.

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