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Six Finger Lickin’ Chinese Chicken Recipes

Bid farewell to bland chicken dinners with these six finger lickin’ Chinese chicken recipes. From a fresh take on the Sunday roast to soothing chicken noodle soup and speedy chicken stir-fries, the whole family will love these Chinese chicken meals.

Chinese honey-roasted chicken

Breathe new life into your Sunday roast with this tantalising recipe for Chinese honey-roasted chicken. First, it’s poached in a spiced broth, then it’s baked to a golden, glossy perfection.

Chinese Honey Roasted Chicken Recipe

Classic chicken noodle soup

Chicken soup is cherished across many cultures, thanks to its restorative nature and comforting warmth. This Chinese-style classic chicken noodle soup is sure to cure what ails you.

Classic Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe


Honey Sesame Chicken

Who can resist golden fried cubes of chicken slathered in a sticky, honey sauce? You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make Honey Sesame Chicken at home.


Chicken and snow peas with oyster sauce

Jam-packed with fresh vegetables and lean chicken breast, this simple stir-fry of chicken and snow peas with oyster sauce delivers a nutritious family dinner in under 30 minutes.

Chicken and snow pea with oyster sauce

Hoisin chicken with instant noodles

Take your instant noodles from snack status into main course territory with this speedy dinner of hoisin chicken with instant noodles. You can ditch that flavour sachet, too, replacing it with hoisin, sesame, lime and spring onion.

hoisin chicken with instant noodles

Marinated chicken drumsticks

As we enter footy season, why not amp up your game-day snacking, with these marinated chicken drumsticks. Be sure to serve these finger lickin’ drummies with plenty of paper napkins!

marinated chicken

For more midweek chicken meals, try our easy Asian dinners using a barbecue chicken.

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