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Signature Japanese Fruits

Japan has plenty of fruits that have a unique taste and are of an exotic variety. The Signature Japanese Fruits are succulent and juicy bursting with flavours and are definitely worth a try.

Let us look at some of the signature native Japanese fruits:

Square Watermelon

Sounds exciting right? These watermelons were grown by the Japanese farmers in the 70’s to create an easier way to store them. Although they taste the same as the regular ones they’re just cubic and are really popular in Japan.


Kaki is a reddish-orange Japanese citrus fruit which can be eaten ripe or dried. They are also known as Japanese persimmon and are a powerhouse of Vitamin A, C and E. They are generously used in salads along with other berries and melons.

signature japanese fruits - kaki

Image Courtesy: Koshy Koshy used under the Creative Commons Licence


Yuzu is a citrus fruit with a tangy- tart flavour similar to grapefruit. Yuzu are rarely consumed directly but are an important flavor in Japanese cuisine. The rind is more often used widely in Japanese cuisine as a flavour than the fruit inside. The Yuzu honey is also used to make herbal teas and juices.

signature japanese fruits - yuzu

Image Courtesy: Kei Noguchi used under the Creative Commons Licence

Fuji Apples

The juicy, crisp, sweet and delicious apples from Japan are something that cannot be missed. They are quite popular around the world with a long shelf life. They are extensively used in desserts and cooking and are available round the year in Japan.


Daidai is again a citrus fruit grown in Japan. It is considered to be a symbol of longevity in Japan because it remains on the tree for several years even if nobody picks them. Daidai means ‘several generations’. Daidai is usually bitter in taste but it is used as a flavor in cooking and its peels are used in traditional Japanese medicine.

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