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Roll up for Sushi Rice Paper Rolls and Wraps

Inspired by our spring roll recipes yesterday, we decided to cast a wider net, bringing you the best rolled and wrapped recipes from across Asia. Take your pick of Vietnamese rice paper rolls, Japanese sushi rolls and Chinese san choy bow. Roll up, roll up, and see what all the fuss is about.

Vietnamese summer rolls

Packed with vibrant fresh herbs and plump prawns, Vietnamese summer rolls make the perfect snack or light lunch for warmer days. Try this fruity version with strawberries, pineapple and mint, or whip up a batch of these Vietnamese rice paper rolls filled with pan-fried pork patties. Perfect for picnics.

Pan-fried Pork Patty in Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll Recipe

Japanese sushi rolls

One of our favourite fast foods on the run, sushi rolls are surprisingly easy to make at home. Follow this recipe for Japanese California rolls, then experiment with different fillings for healthy school and work lunches.

Japanese california rolls

Thai betel leaves

Appearing on the best modern Thai menus around town, mieng kam are Thai betel leaves topped with a salty-sweet jumble of ingredients, such as ocean trout and citrus, or chewy coconut and peanut, like in this authentic Thai recipe for mieng kam.

Mieng Kam

Cantonese san choy bow

Crunchy iceberg lettuce cups provide the perfect vehicle for a savoury stir-fry of pork mince, water chestnuts and vegetables in this crowd-pleasing san choy bow recipe. Put the lettuce and bowls of filling on the table, and let everyone help themselves.

san choy bow

Chinese Peking duck wraps

For a short-cut starter for your next party, why not try these steamed Peking duck rolls. With just five ingredients, including a ready-roasted Peking duck, these tasty wraps are quick to prepare – and will be gone in minutes!

6 Amazing Duck Recipes For This Moon Festival

For more impressive duck dishes at home, try these tempting duck recipes.

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