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Revamp your Roast Chicken with Five Incredible Asian Recipes

This week, we take everyone’s favourite family dinner ­– a roast chicken ­– and give it a modern Asian makeover, with Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian variations on this classic meal.

Chinese honey-roasted chicken

This honey-roasted chicken with a sticky spicedglaze makes for a great Sunday meal. Serve with steamed rice and Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce.

Chinese Honey Roasted Chicken Recipe

Indonesian roast chicken

Classic Indonesian ingredients such as kecapmanis, coconut milk, palm sugar and kaffir lime combine to create a luscious marinade for this Indonesian roast chicken. Serve it with steamed rice, lime wedges and a tangy mango salsa.


Satay roasted chicken breast

When you want a roast but time isn’t on your side, why not try this recipe for satay-roasted chicken breast? Serve with salads greens and steamed rice for an easy midweek dinner or light lunch.

Satay Roasted Chicken Breast Recipe

Pad Thai barbecued butterfly chicken

First, master the art of butterflying a chicken, then create a zesty marinade for this pad Thai barbecued butterfly chicken. Serve with lime wedges, salad and crusty bread.


Country-style barbecued chicken

You’ll also need those butterflying skills for this North-Eastern style roast. For this country-style chicken, use your barbecue like an oven by heating it with the lid down. Serve in true Isaan style with Thai sticky rice and som tum salad.

Country Style Barbecue Chicken

For more easy chicken ideas, get creative with seven of the best Asian chicken recipes, or soothe your soul with six chicken soup recipes.

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