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Refreshing Summer Mocktails using Delicious Asian Ingredients

For a healthy take on cocktails this festive season, try four ideas for refreshing summer mocktails using delicious Asian ingredients, including a lychee cooler, chrysanthemum punch, cleansing mint drink and spicy tamarind and ginger brew. They’re so tasty you won’t even miss the alcohol!

Lychee & strawberry cooler

Drain a can of lychees, reserving the syrup. Chop the lychees into tiny cubes, then combine in a jug with the reserved lychee syrup, the juice of three limes and 1 punnet of chopped strawberries. Fill with ice cubes and soda water to serve. If you’d prefer to use fresh lychees in season, add 2-3 tablespoons elderflower cordial in place of the canned lychee syrup.

Lychee Mocktail

Flower garden punch

Buy a large bottle of chrysanthemum tea drink from your local Asian grocer. Combine in a jug with a drizzle of honey, fresh orange slices and edible flowers, such as violas, then top up with ice and soda water. For a pretty twist, freeze edible flowers or petals in your ice cube tray. Alternatively, make your own chrysanthemum tea using dried chrysanthemum flowers and rock sugar. Find out all about the health benefits of chrysanthemum tea here.

Mint no-jito

If you’re craving a refreshing mojito minus the booze, consider making a cooling version by muddling fresh mint leaves (we like to use a combination of common and Vietnamese mint), lime wedges and coconut sugar, then topping up with sparkling water.


Nice and spicy

Mix 1 tablespoon tamarind puree, a pinch of chilli powder, a generous pinch of ground ginger and 2 teaspoons brown sugar to form a paste. Divide the mixture among four short tumblers filled with ice, then top up with ginger beer for a sweet-sour-spicy sip this summer.

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