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Quirky Fun Food Facts That are Absolutely Mindblowing

The best part about eating food is also knowing it’s origin and facts associated with it. There are some of the facts about food that will leave you stunned and makes you think if you ever knew about it at all.

Here are some quirky fun food facts that are absolutely mindblowing.

The most expensive fruit in the world is from Japan

The most expensive fruit in the world is the Japanese Yubari cantaloupe, and two melons once sold at auction for $23,500. This melon is known to be crisp and hard, with an unparalleled appeal and has a different level of sweetness.

fun food facts-jap melons

Image Courtesy: PROPhilip Lai used under Creative Commons Licence

Apples belong to the rose family

Yes, did you know that apples belong to the rose family? They are deciduous trees and have a religious and mythological symbolism in many cultures.

Japanese food makes minimal use of garlic, chillies and oil

In Japan many foods are seared, boiled or eaten raw and minimally seasoned. Umami is enhanced by using just a few ingredients including miso, soy sauce, mushrooms, seaweed, bonito flakes, and bonito broth.

Honey enters the bloodstream quickly

Yes, honey digests easily than any other food and enters the blood stream in 20 minutes. This is because the honey is already pre-digested by the bees.

Quirky Fun Food Facts That are Absolutely Mindblowing-honey

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Onions can make you sleepy

Yes, eating a lot of onions can make you feel sleepy, because they are rich in L-tryptophan, which is an amino acid that is a natural sedative.

Quirky Fun Food Facts - onions

Image courtesy: Pixabay

Tea is an art in Japan

The traditional practice of drinking, making and knowing more about different kinds of tea is considered one the highest forms of art in Japan alongside calligraphy, music, and theater. Aspiring practitioners study for years to earn the honor of serving a traditional tea.

Jap tea - fun food facts

Image courtesy: Hideyuki KAMON Used under Creative Commons Licence

Bananas can help fight depression

Bananas have this super chemical called tryptophan in abundance which gets converted into serotonin, a happy-mood brain neurotransmitter. Not to mention the fibers it has which also cures constipation.

Quirky Fun Food Facts That are Absolutely Mindblowing-bananas

Image courtesy: Pixabay

Wasabi is something more than just a paste

Most wasabi consumed is not real wasabi, but colored horseradish. And radish belongs to the same family as cabbages. Check out the health benefits of Wasabi.

Why chillies taste hot

The reason why chillies and peppers taste hot is because of a chemical compound called capsaicin, which bonds to your sensory nerves and tricks them into thinking your mouth is actually being burned.

japanese fun food facts

Image courtesy: Pixabay

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