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Quick and Easy Japanese Dishes for a Picnic Outing

The summer vacations are here and it’s time to head to the pool and dive into the blue waters or play with the sand near the beach and make some castles with your kids. If that’s not your game then a green shady park with a huge canopy to relax is all yours.

While you indulge in all these activities with your kids you can’t possibly miss these 10-minute summer coolers to keep you hydrated. What about food then you ask? Yes, we know that a picnic is incomplete without some delicious food.

We’ve got just what you need, here are quick and easy Japanese dishes for a picnic outing:

Crispy Vegetable and Noodle Pancake

Remotely resembling an “okonomiyaki” (pronounced oko-nomi-yaki) – this Japanese savoury pancake, is a one-plate dish is filled with colourful vegetables and udon noodles. The outer casing is a crispy, pan-fried shell. Okonomiyaki,is derived from the word okonomi, meaning “what you like” or “what you want”, and yaki meaning “grilled” or “cooked”. It is so colourful that your kids will want to dig in instantly. Get the recipe here.

Crispy Vegetable and Noodle Pancake Recipe - japanese dish for picnic

Japanese Potsticker Dumplings (Gyoza)

One of the easiest dishes you can make in no time the potsticker dumplings are filled with pork, cabbage and spring onions. You can experiment with other vegetable and meat fillings of your choice. Get the recipe here.

quick and easy japanese gyoza for picnic

Japanese salmon burgers

These burgers are made with a Japanese twist by combining together the unique flavours of wasabi, nori and mayonnaise. These quick and easy burgers are delicious and great for lunch or a picnic outings. Get the recipe here.

Japanese salmon burgers Recipe for picnic outing

Deep-fried bean curd pockets

Here’s a great way to use up leftover sushi rice. Plus it’s healthy while you can supplement the dose of protein for your kids. These make an easy nutritious lunch/picnic snack. You can make it more colourful and add other ingredients such as carrot strips, avocado and bamboo shoots to the rice mixture. Get the recipe here.

quick and easy Deep-fried bean curd pockets recipe for picnic


Who wouldn’t identify Tempura? This Japanese prawn fritters are world famous. It is believed that this snack is Portuguese in origin. However, tempura has now become one of Japan’s signature dishes. Follow these three golden rules to remember while preparing tempura: always use fresh ingredients of prime quality, keep the oil at a constant temperature and always use ‘lumpy’ batter. You can also make vegetable tumpura using carrot, green onions and green beans. Your kids will love these crispy fritters. Get the recipe here.

Japanese Tempura recipe for a picnic outing


This pork dish is inexpensive, and is derived from the European breaded cutlet. “Tonkatsu” translates as pork cutlet in English. It is commonly served with shredded raw cabbage which acts as a salad. Ideal for picnics, this snack will make your kids dig into another bite. Get the recipe here.

Quick and easy Japanese Tonkatsu recipe for picnic

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